Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site.100009cs_1_DSC_3067

I’m a cheerful, energetic and funny photographer based in Perth, Scarborough.

Always open for new things.

It is my absolutely passion to shoot the perfect picture.

Already my grandfather was a photographer and he took me into his steps and gave me the perfect eye. At a young age I started taking pictures of the German landscape and our family.

Later on my travels all over the world I wanted to catch all the special moments, the beautiful landscape and the very different people in pictures.

Travelling through different cultures with my camera was amazing. On every corner there is something spectacular to see. Kids which are playing simple handmade games, old people sitting on a bench in front of their houses drinking coffee and playing cards or farmer which are bringing their cattle’s in a other spot. Everything is special and so different to our world.

A few years ago I was working with kids as a social worker. Therefore I’m able to build up a good connection in short time to other people and to understand what they want.


I’m very passionate in what I do and always looking for another challenge.

If I’m not photographing you can find me in the waves of our ocean having a good surf.

Since 2012 I’m in Australia with my girlfriend and since February 2013 we are permanent residency. Originally I’m from Germany, but I always wanted to discover the world, travel around and live near the ocean.

There are so many good spots around Perth to make your photo session special and the way you want to have your pictures.




If you’d like to be a part of the experience and step in front of my camera then I’d love to hear from you